Art as an Experience – John Dewey

In John Dewey dewey’s book art as an experience he talks about how “Things are experienced but not in such a way that they are composed into an experience. There is distraction and dispersion; what we observe and what we think, what we desire and what we get, are at odds with each other” (D. Ross, 1994)In penthesiliea we tried to create an experience that made the participating user feel like they were in the actual city but with too many elements the feeling was not the same as we envisioned.

After re reading the extract from John Dewey’s book and researching the McGurk effect I think there is a connection between the two. In the McGurk effect you are distracted by your senses, with your eye’s open you try to observe what is getting said by concentrating on the movement of the mouth thus making you think you are hearing the correct phrase but when you’re only using one sense you can hear the correct phrase.



D. Ross, S. (1994) John Dewey: Art as Experience. New York: State university of New York Press, Albany. [Online] Available from: [accessed 15 December 2016]


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