Predator vision game

For the shapeshifter project we decided to interpret our findings about the snake and present it as a game.  The game requires two people in order to play it, one player has to wear the virtual reality headset so they have the vision of a snake and the other player has some bells attached to them that helps locate them. The game itself was featured a predator (being the snake) and prey (mouse) and was based on the childhood game of cat and mouse.

The rules for the game are:

  1. Initiation

Blindfolded person wearing a headset is taken to a room (possibly filled with stand-up screens or pull-up banners). The prey is already there hidden somewhere in the tight space. Prey would need to wear some noisy element i.e. bell so the predator can detect it when its moving.

  1. The Game

The game will last for about 1-2min (this part is still to be investigated and will be set after we run couple of test runs)

  1. Reward

The pray would be wearing some sort of food (possibly neckless) to represent a reward. The type of food is still to be determined (either piece of cooked meat; direct representation of a typical snake’s meal; or sweet treat.



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